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August 02, 2010


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Very nice Kenny boy but let me retort;

"The demon whom tries to wear the pure cloth of sanctity cannot hide the foul smell of his real nature."

...and you smell very bad Kenny boy.

I am uncertain how your deranged and hate filled tirade has, as you put it: "..contributes anything of value"

"the fool defecates in the stream and complains later of the foul waters when he attempts to drink from same"- Confucius

insane people, thou art counted among same.

Kenny boy, what buffles me more than anything else is not the evil of men doing despicable things towards an ancient sage like Hypathia, but more the fact that you up till this day havent pulled out one of your sig sauer guns from your weapon stash and blown your brains out. Considering your are a pure nut case. unable to contribute with anything of value to anyone this should not take to much time.I am sure one of your greater crack depressions will kick in soon. Bon Voyage.

Pardon [...] you have 2 errors here.

1. Hypatia the Platonist was not wise.

2. Hypatia being butchered had NOTHING to do with "religious fundamentalism" but with two women and their typical "woman-hate-woman" smack talk.

Try a better example.

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