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August 19, 2010


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Thanks for this!

Everything the author writes about Buddhism on his blog is on the lowest "ABC-level". If you really know your Buddhism, you should not expect more. It is deliberate and with a clear intention. Personally I enjoy the articles about various chinese chan masters more than his elaborations in Pali-semantics. I find them spiritually stimulating.

That's all fine, as long as we don't misunderstand the nature of stream entry and set the bar so low that we fool ourselves into thinking we are part of the noble sangha when in fact we have not yet attained to sotapanna.

You have oversimplified the first fetter. It is not merely the point of view that one's own body is self or atman. Coming to the rational conclusion that one's own body is not self or atman is easy. But severing the first fetter is profoundly more far-reaching than some mere opinion or philosophical stance.

Best wishes.

Thanks for this post.

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