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July 25, 2010


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It has been argued by pacifists and unintelligent idiots that no one need carry around with them a weapon as any Aryan is ought and in the right to do, given that a 911 call to the police dept. is recourse for such emergencies. Laughably shortsighted as this is, it must be stated that in a dangerous self defense situation the average elapsed time is two minutes from start to end, and the average American 911 response time is fourteen minutes; leaving a mere twelve minutes for one to either bleed to death, or mentally prepare for the passing from this life! In an equal regard pacifists and Leftists have deemed those who carry concealed weapons to be ‘cowards’, in fear of what ‘most likely will never happen’; while this is, regarding the later, partially accurate, the boy scout motto is a worldly truism “be prepared!”. Peoples (including pacifists) don’t own fire extinguishers, buy medical insurance, and elsewise out of being ‘fearful’ or ‘cowardly’, nor still does the Aryan who carries a gun with him everywhere fear the unknown, but rather knows the nature of existence and the varieties of evil men who lurk the world, looking to pray upon the weak (= pacifists). You cannot reason with a rabid dog, nor either a rabid and deranged human either hell-bent on rape, murder, etc. To think otherwise is extremely unintelligent; any policeman knows this very well. Dependency is sister to evil itself; the Aryan does not rely upon either the govt. or the police when danger is upon him.

The last irrational position by the loony Leftists in their defense (sic) of hatred for justified killing of another is to attack the tools of killing, namely guns. “Those evil guns” as they are wont to say, but it is rather instead true that ‘fools fear guns, whereas the wise fear only a fool with a gun’. These ‘anti-killing’ peoples are the same sort of demented fools who claim a lifeless hunk of steel, a gun, is inherently evil in and of itself, as if a gun has ever jumped up from a table and accosted someone, or killed another. They vociferously claim “there are many reasons to control the use of guns” however gun control is less about guns, than about control, for criminals do not follow the law, to them gun control pertains only to those who obey the law & its controls; to control guns is only to control the normal citizen, not the criminal who cares not for laws. It has been their refuge to blame the tool rather than the handler as a last defense, for they are often to say “guns kill people”, however the Aryan cannot capitulate to the insane notion that lifeless steel could jump up and kill a man; only a fool blames the tool rather than the wielder or same. Again, there are no evil actions, only an evil mind. The body is a tool, just as a gun is a tool, used either to murder, commit evil, or in the case of the Aryan, to save, protect, defend “those who are most certainly innocent”. There are no rational men who hold to a position of “evil tools”. All tools carry the responsibility that the owner know the manner in which to use it and have the intelligence enough to rationality and correctly use the tool they own or purchase. Just as is necessary here in life are not only guns needed, but also coffins, for all men die, so too medicine for the foul body which is bound to corruption, and all the other necessities of living.

It has been said by those against the killing of another for any reason: “If you want peace, be peace” this sort of pathetic reasoning would assume that a chaste, pure of spirit lovely woman might tread thru cities at night with no worry of the dark and deranged souls who would lurk and pounce upon her. The Aryan knows that the Absolute and its metaphysics are “beyond good and evil”, for in the Absolute there is not deed or misdeed by wisdom alone which has caused one to acquire that attainment. To “love peace” and “be a pacifist” are most certainly not the same thing. The Aryan who “loves peace” has not “gone against his nature” in either defending himself, his kin, or those innocents who cry out for “the righteous!”

you, in debasing yourself to the lowest possible, confuse murder with killing an evil person wishing harm upon the innocent.

the Warrior who kills an invader who wishes death and rape upon his own kind, IS NOT DESTINED "for some hell".

As against the soccer-mom mentality so commonly found in the West and Europe (especially Britain), there are no evil actions, rather only an evil mind. The often repeated phrase “it is wrong to kill another” is a heinous non-Aryan fallacy which belies the ape mentality of the politically correct generation of “live and let live”, even in the face of necessary self defense. As is demonic the slaying of innocents by the hands of a psychopath is the lemming pacifist mentality that one should cower and hope for the best in the immanence of self-defense’s necessity, in the moment of oneself being attacked. It has frequently be the retort by pacifist goons that ‘those who live by the sword shall die by the sword’, therefore those who concern themselves with concealed carry deadly weapons as a means of self-defense in a brutal world are therefore those same who “live by the sword” and are therefore doomed. This misunderstanding however is highly pathetic and most certainly incorrect in that said passage refers to violent men who “live by the sword” from the position of violence, that in turn, “violence will certainly be returned to them”. The innocent man who “picks up and raises the sword (or gun)” when the time has arrived that violence has been leveled upon him is at no fault, for when danger has passed, the Aryan man “lays down the sword” and returns to his peaceful life. We however call them evil who “carry in front of them the sword whence and wherever they go”. Those evil men with evil minds who seek out violence and murder, in contrast to them, the Aryan who defense self, family and lands is the blameless and noble paragon of virtue, which none can assail, even if a thousand bodies of evil men lay slain at his feet.

Like the gun or the sword, both tools, so too is the body the tool of the mind of man, his spirit (in the case of the Aryan) takes charge and is control, of which the body and its deeds are blameless in all instances, but that the laws of man cannot punish the Aryan spirit, but rather imprison the body, and that “men see not the minds of others, rather the deeds and actions which are committed by their bodies”, such is the case that men are often judged not in spirit or intent, but in deeds. Whilst some actions could near never be rationally justified as having a noble premise in the mind, such as necrophilia, or pedophilia; killing is certainly nothing near either of such as these. The reductionistic pseudo logic of modern ‘peace-mongering at all costs’ pacifists is that “killing is killing, regardless”; however none of philosophies great-men have held such an ignoble position, this is something found only recently and most commonly in European minds, and that of far left-wing American pacifism. The false view that pacifism is the moral principle that the use of force is wrong for any reason is a metaphysical fallacy in that it sees all actions as reducibly equal, but this is not, cannot be the case, for body as a tool cannot ever be accused of equally reducible deeds in light of the mind, or spirits intent.

The pacifists growing consensus (= profane, non-Aryan, low, base) to wit “it is wrong to kill another” cannot be justified or enjoined by any with wisdom, for the mother in her home who has been attacked upon by a madman set upon her demise and that of her sleeping children has no fault to slay to death that very same man; that such a one as her is “equally to blame” as, say a Jeffrey Dahmer or any other crazed murderer, is a reductionistic and fallacious position as held by those with irrational and illogical minds who are driven along solely by their feelings and hormonal emotive bundles. Self defense, by gun or by fist, of oneself and those who are innocent is rationally noble, is Aryan; is indeed and undeniably an Aryan virtue and necessity. These same sort of non-Aryan minded peoples might insanely say that a time traveler who goes back to 1943 and puts a bullet in the head of Adolph Hitler out of the Aryan will towards millions of innocent Jews, and Europeans, is “equally to blame” as, say, Jack the ripper. The historical Gotama himself praised the Aryan deed of killing by his own hands of another: "I got good merit (in a past life) for killing the evil man"-Gotama Buddha [Jataka 4-197].

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