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July 25, 2010


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who is speaking of fascism and hitler?....both are scum.

Ergo, you and your kind cry out strawman fallacies.

As for your comment: "ubermench defeating the meak"

The "ubermench" (Aryan with wisdom) does NOT kill/defeat the "weak", only the wicked who wish death or harm upon him and his own.

The "Aryan" spoken of can be a black man who kills the wicked who enter and wish rape and harm upon his own.

It is a fools mind who confuses murder with killing (the wicked).

Any who "takes up the sword" to "defend him and his own, and his own lands" carries no blame by any, be it the gods, or any other Aryan with even a jot of wisdom.

You, in your ignorances, confuse a "bloodthirsty bloodlust soldier" (of which there are some, and i have met some).......confusing such an ignoble person with the Aryan who "lays down the sword" when the wicked offenders are slain.

For such an aryan IS noble, IS righteous, IS doing the will of wisdom.

you and your pseudo-arguement are groundless, are devoid of wisdom, are utterly hogwash and twaddle.

make sure you delete this post, because your false sense of self cannot withstand being refuted.

You are refuted.

Besides all that, the original blog post speaks to a phenomena well beyond self-defense or prevention of truly evil acts. He's talking specifically about an obsession with combat itself quite apart from any debate about specific justifications. Such an obsession itself can often be the actual cause of violence in the first place, and so hardly justifiable, like the guy who loves to fight and will go around to bars trying to escalate situations just so that he can have a good time kicking some ass. Whether or not there are cases of justified violence (there probably are, to some degree), that is irrelevant to combat addiction the presence of which itself obviates the potential virtue in the perpetrator (like Dexter, the popular fictional character who has the discipline to only kill those who society deems unacceptable but who nonetheless is motivated by a much more basic evil perverse need to kill quite apart from any perceivable "justification"; his choice of victim does not at all come from moral rectitude but largely so that were his perversity to come to light it would be perceived as less heinous)

If KK(K?)'s posts were an indictment of the criminal justice system in general (probably more so a Timothy McVeigh-like screed against Federal law enforcement, it would appear) or of war in general, it would hold as an interesting argument. For, as he wrote:"'men see not the minds of others, rather the deeds and actions which are committed by their bodies', such is the case that men are often judged not in spirit or intent, but in deeds."

What this means, paradoxically for KK's argument in favor of justified killing, is that it would actually be ambiguous not only for the prosecutors but even for the "justified" killer whether his victim really needed to be killed or deserved the killing or not. Thus the notion of a certainly "justified" killing is evaporated by his own argument.

Of course, it's not difficult to see that what he is really advancing is an encoded sort of rebel (confederate?) mystique by which any who would punish an "aryan" killer, who possesses that elusive discernment of souls that grants him justification in any aggression his whim pursues (not might makes right, but an inversion which is in practice indistinguishable: right makes might), are profane and without rectitude.

Insofar as he frames this mystique in terms of opposition to "the left", and often frames his own position in terms of the "right," and given his obsession with race, it is possible to decode this into a simple fringe-political ideology of armament against federal --or any (they'll actually resist the Sheriff as readily as the Marshall)-- prosecution common to racist groups. In the real world, these armed "aryans" often just end up killing innocent (they are armed, surely, but tend to attempt peaceful arrest first, as the alternative is dangerous to their own well-being) law enforcement officers simply to avoid prosecution, a hardly "noble" justification for said prior armament.

He will of course note his example of Hitler as a counterargument and avoid as much as possible any suggestion that he belongs to, allies with, or agrees in ideology with any organized hate group. But he's there in all but admission.

Very simplistic.What about Krishna's response to Arjuna in the Baghavad Gita?What about the history of martial arts in Ch'an,Zen,Taoism and Hindhuism?
"...the professional soldier...who doubtlessly enjoys the thrill of combat and slaughter"?! If that statement feels"doubtless"to you then you have too much confidence in what is doubtless mere speculation made with very broad brushstrokes.
Furthermore,if you are truly interested in the causes of war you should do some research into what the mass-media would have us dismiss without investigation as 'conspiracy theories'.
A good starting point on the relationship between our 'internal' mentality and our 'external' culture and the feedback loop between them would be the film 'Kymatica' and the (poorly titled) lecture by Michael Tsarion-'2012 the future of mankind'.
In my oppinion you have made quite a flippant unthought out statement on what is a complex philosophical and moral subject.For once,I'm leaning towards Mr.Krackers.Which reminds me-I could murder a bowl of cornflakes.Does that make me a cereal killer?

"the Warrior who kills an invader who wishes death and rape upon his own kind, IS NOT DESTINED "for some hell".

As against the soccer-mom mentality so commonly found in the West and Europe (especially Britain), there are no evil actions, rather only an evil mind. The often repeated phrase “it is wrong to kill another” is a heinous non-Aryan fallacy"

You are not in prison Ken and this is not Mein Kamph, so relax. Take a good inhale from that crack pipe and continue to dream about the supreme ubermench defeating the meak, the defenseless and sensible peace lovers...oh, and dont forget to have your house slave licking your boots until they shine properly.

Zieg H....

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