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July 27, 2010


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A fool above has said

" have guns to defend against the boogie man who might jump out "

"chance favours the prepared mind"

"be prepared"- boy scouts

"he who relies upon another for his own defense is no different than a sheep on the ramp to slaughter"- Benjamin Franklin

"Man is not wont to be unprepared like the rat who sticks his nose in snake pits"

"It is always the case that those who prepare for contingencies are always counted as parcel to the wise few"

You lose.

It is a fools logic to assume that packing a firearms for self-defense is "living in fear"

Such a pathetic fallacy was flushed down the toilet centuries ago.

By such logic, anyone who has car insurance, a fire alarm, a lock on their door, and an airbag in their car is also "livin' in fear!"

Your fallacy is defeated.

LOL, I know Ken Wheeler (AKA, Krispy Krackers, Sally Strange, Crispy Puffs,.....etc) will take the bait and show his Samsaric side of mind!!!!. He is suffering in hell (on earth) right now.

His mind is in fear mode, murdering mode, hate mode, uncertainty mode, mental anguish mode... thus it causes him to go out and buy lot of guns to defend against the boogie man who might jump out from a closet and scare him :)

Whatever the rationale might be, and regardless the killing is justifiable or not, one often will see the death (the person or persons he has killed) come back and stand next to the death bed.

These events happen a lot when a person is dying and see ghosts of the loved one next to them......or, ghosts of his 'enemy'.

That person better be prepared because he will continue the hell after his death!!

Don't try to rationalize 'justifiable murder vs. non-justifiable murder' (or 'Aryan righteous vs. Non-aryan scums'). Unless, he has the Light of the Buddha (in which, he is saved from the images of the death who will arrive to meet him), he will be chased by these ghosts and be born in hell.


Interesting to read the ramblings of a mind sinking deeper and deeper into pure madness. Kenny boy, hang on there. You are paving a beautiful sterdy path straight down to your awaiting hell of aryan bootshining zieg heiling SS sturmfuhrers. In fact I know that your blond haired brethren will read from Mein Kamph while carving off that aryan skin from your new body you will be forced to drag around like a proud member of the Waffengefährten brotherhood.

You have capriciously said “During the Buddha’s time, killing was often done at close range”…I might remind you of what you don’t know, that being that personal self defense encounters in which a gun/knife is used for self defense, such encounters are empirically “6 yards or less 98% of the time”

As such, your “evidence” of long distance sniping, missles, rockets, etc, ….does not apply to the Aryan who shoots a madman from 10 feet away. Nor does shooting an invading enemy at 1000 yards with a rifle make any difference as to kamma, wisdom, or the nobility of same.

Your ignoble (extremely so) quote of “It was a betrayal of what I’d been taught since a child”…..that foolish adult was obviously NEVER taught the difference between killing and murder. Japanese were KILLED because they declared war on the USA and bombed pearl harbour. “That’s kamma baaaby”. Even the logical Japanese know they got beat into the dust because of THEIR initiatory actions. Tough cookies for them. The Japanese threw the first blow, the Aryan nobility of the USA struck back in defense.

Your ignoble comment: “All soldier’s are being asked by their government to betray every ounce of their humanity”…..sorry, but other than accidental deaths of civilians, the USA is targeting muslim terrorists in Afghanistan.

It is likely in your muddled head you’re confusing the USA in Afghanistan with that of the USSR in Afghanitan, which DID target women and children, on purpose, over and over and over and over…….. correct that mental defect of yours. The Russians were also famous of making bombs out of childrens toys and tossing them out via airplane upon the villages. Maybe you need to see the historically accurate movie “CHARLIE WILSONS WAR” to gain perspective, my minion.

Your comment to which “the damage a justified war is capable of inflicting on the souls….” Is utterly irrelevant, SAMSARA has a whole has the SAME EFFECT. Of which war is only a small part thereof.

There is FAR more “damage done to souls” in the past 10 years in the USA from rape, child abuse, theft, etc……….than ALL the wars the USA has been in since the civil war.

As such, your argument is trying to use war to capitalize the horrors of existence, ..as a rare spectrum of Samsara, which is ill gain as espoused from the rose-glasses of existential idealism you live within (translate: peace, love, hippie-ism).

Samsara is hell, the Aryan transcends it, and suffers NO ILL in killing the wicked in defense of his and his own. War is a very minor spectrum of the totality of samsara…..however you try to capitalize upon it like door to door salesman tries to peddle his “special Chinese junk” to the housewife (i.e. weak minded). As such, your anti-war tirade besmacks of the very hippie zen centers upon which you loathe so much. Alas the contradiction.

I know a sniper who killed over 30 suicide bombers from 100+ yards thru a .308 Remington 700 sniper rifle. He “carries no kamma”, he defended lives of innocents from the madmen with explosives strapped to their chests. He sleeps well. He laughs and smiles. He is an Aryan.

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