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July 29, 2010


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If you were smarter, you would realize that christian mystics and early monists who were 98% accurate as to mystical union, "saw the absolute as God/Being", was due to the inverse fallacy of identification.

The "as above, so below" pseudological identification of "being below here means there is also Being there"

just as the logos there is mirrored here, however sentience is always empirical coordination of phenomena and neumenon,....ergo, as Plotinus and others point out, there "cannot being Being/sentience in or of as pertains the Absolute".

(higher reasoning is a few steps away,...try abduction next time).

One doesn't becomes an apologist for religious dogma by describing their mystical experience in terms of "God," anymore than one becomes an apologist for Nazi propaganda by employing swastikas in a manner meant to cut through such corruptions.

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