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July 01, 2010


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One whom is firmly anchored in nirvana with the tathagatas truth body as ultimate self-reference, can "enter and exit" samsara with the auspicious bodhisattva body without fearing to drift away and loose sight of true self.

It is much like entering a lucid dream, and yet remaining fully aware of the difference between the dream body/world and the real body/world.

Why should I argue with a wounded animal with so much suffering ahead of it? It is not logical. I think your "enemies" will take care of any such need. And from what I see they are unfortunately legion.


Hey minx, if you want a "sophisticated argument" upon ANY topic of buddhist metaphysics, let me know,...I'm always ready to rip someone apart.

You know that one whom screams and curses in an effort to make a statement valid, is used to many forms of disrespect by his fellow man. The disrespect lies not in the poor character and spirit producing such a rude behaviour, but more in the karmic inability to carry a sophisticated argument for or against any given idea or opinion.

Be assured that people spending a good amount of time amassing artificial knowledge (eg. empty pattern permutations), love to tell others how wrong they are. This is a compensatory compulsive reaction to their own silent suffering they had to endure during the assimilation process. After all, where do you see a difference between a fool spending great time seeking for a gold treasure based on dubious rumours and an idiot seeking worldly knowledge he believes will remain intact and actual after his physical death?

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