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July 18, 2010


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I agree that religious texts are different for different people. For me, they are signposts. I'm interested in the direction I should be taking but then I want to make my own way there.

I find the writing in this blog very thought provoking but am a little unsettled by its heavy dependence on scriptures. I'm currently re-reading Alan Watts, The Way of Zen. He can put it better than I can:

"It is often said that to be clinging to oneself is like having a thorn in the skin, and that Buddhism [or Buddhist scriptures] is a second thorn to extract the first. When it is out, both thorns are thrown away. But in the moment when Buddhism, when philosophy or religion, becomes another way of clinging to oneself through seeking a spiritual security, the two thorns become one-and how is it to be taken out?" (page 152)

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