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June 22, 2010


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I took the liberty of making the comment below on Nathan's blog [Dangerous Harvest] post about your post. Here's my comment:

-all hat no cattle
-lots of opinions no workable examples
-my way or the highway

Did he ever
-make lunch for a hungry child?
-fly an airplane?
-cause something to work well?
-prepare a meal for a sangha
-get his hands dirty in the garden of desire


See any thing he loves about his life that lives off the computer screen?


I'm happy to dialog there or personally if you like

If sitting made one a Buddha, every truck driver would be a Bodhisattva, and everyone in a wheelchair would be a Buddha.

It's the mind that has to sit. While sitting meditation can be useful to keep one from getting distracted, sometimes I think it's a bit like banging your head against the wall so that you can learn to deal with pain. There's enough stuff in our daily lives to work with.

Sitting does make you a buddha, cause my buddy died last year, and I had his body taxidermy posed and stuffed in the lotus position, ..........and sheeyat Ill be damned last week, that stuffed mofo started to levitate and glow bright orange, and a nimbus round his noggin, and he vanished POOF, all was left was some sparklin fairy dust.

So I call bullocks on yer article, beeyatch.

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