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June 23, 2010


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Solon, you are refuted, reference "GREEK PHILOSOPHICAL TERMS"* page 165

PROODOS refers BOTH in Plato and Plotinus (ancient greek, not modern greek) to Emanationism.

Proodos = Emanation in Plotinus Enn. 4.8.6

Proodos = Emanation in Proclus Elem Theol. prop #21

Proodos = Emanation in Plato Timaeus 42e

Proodos = "arche for descent of being" (i.e. Emanationsm) in Plato Republic 410-411

* http://books.google.com/books?id=JepR6Mj9Hy8C&lpg=PP1&ots=JTDrYfrKnx&dq=Greek%20Philosophical%20terms&pg=PA165#v=onepage&q=proodos&f=false


I have the proofs, you have nothing.

You are refuted, not once, not twice, but several times over.

Well known, over the hill, burned out crakchead Ken Wheeler aka a thousand american hill billy names, wrote:

"Aspecific (pertaining to the Absolute in which case avijja is meant [in #1 of paticcasamuppada] tolma, proodos, emanation "

If you wish to defile this blog with your insufficient knowledge in ancient greek at least get it right before you post it here you drug infested redneck.

Proodos, as used in ancient greek, and in daily conversation, meant " progress" and nothing close to emanation or the lame self-invented context you try to establish it in.

I suppose you meant Protos which means and meant," first", "that which is first/above everything else". You miserable crack addict. Yes thats right mud brains, go home and work on that greek. If anything I suggest, in the future, you keep to your hideous misuse of pali and sanskrit. At least those are more or less dead languages. I dont know why the Zennist keep allowing your posts online and not moderating your sorrowful hill billy ass? I suppose that in the end he feels he carries some karmic debt to you. Much like any decent person would feel sorry for a wounded animal and give it shelter until cured.

The intellectual midget then tried to scrbble something, while high on various white substances, theosophic terminology, especially greek nominative expressions like "dyad";

"From the perspective of the Absolute, the very ‘stuff’ of will (citta/Brahman), there is no attribute, it is will utterly and only; "

Only a complete moron, devoid of any academic training or the simplest levels of reason would write something as stupid as that. As you posit it, idiot, you have cornered yourself, unable to proove your own lame axiom. You savvy? No? Awww… Well let me spell it out to you in the most simple terms for a head case like yourself;

In a universe with an apparent rapid vibrative set of physical attributes, we whom have dived deep into its more metaphysical substratum realize that its fabric and myriad permutations rests solely on a principle which allows instantenous interdependant origination with its own animative power from Mind Only. The the instantenous probability of self and other the spålit second any outflow is present.

We further realize through proper observation that one can never talk about possibilities and/or impossibilities. One can only talk in terms of probability. End of story.

If you cannot clearly see the difference then the probability of you being reborn as a spiritual and intellectual dunce is presently staring you right in the face. That in terms of an actualized probability, or more precisely in your case, an idiot reckognized by self and other by the willed act of pure stupidity.

Now you might try to rebuttle this comment with your lame attempts to present some form of metaphysical panache, but dont expect me to waste any further energy on your sorrowful attempts to express something sophisticated with an admirable ethos. The probability for that is simply infinitesimal.

Thats right "malaka", you go home to your mommy and tell her the big boys are once again kicking your ass all over the school yard (grins).

Wow, really profound article!

In order to really understand the last two paragraphs, one might have to get the 'juice' first. It affords the person a peek into the deathless/birth-less. Until then, one is conditioned/destined to only see the rising/falling, LOL


You said: This means that the twelve links or nidânas beginning with ignorance (i.e., Mind's ignorance of itself)

That is wholly UNTRUE. There are 2 modalities of avijja in sutta (and metaphysics in general)

Aspecific (pertaining to the Absolute in which case avijja is meant [in #1 of paticcasamuppada] tolma, proodos, emanation


Specific (pertaining the persona non grata, or the mere empirical and CONSCIOUS[vinnana] self). Said avijja pertains to the divinity pre-embodied and its presence/immanence).

So, youre dead wrong.

#1 paticcasamuppada does NOT refer to ignorance (of person so and so to his atma/citta/nous)

As you well know, the person doesnt EVEN exist in #1.

Avijja is literally meant Emanationism, the extrinsic attribute of the Absolute which is the indefinite dyad (aoristos dyas) for all creation, if the Absolute were devoid of an attribute, creation would be impossible, for even the most simplex of things have at least one attribute, the illumination of light and fluidity of water, for example (both attributes of a simplex principle). From the perspective of the Absolute, the very ‘stuff’ of will (citta/Brahman), there is no attribute, it is will utterly and only; as such the nature of the Absolute and its ‘act’ must be wholly indistinguishable, otherwise the presupposition of two subjects, the Absolute and X, would be posited and the very premise of Monism (Monism in meaning = 1 only) and of Emanationism would be utterly negated.
Avijja is a compound term composed of the privative A (not, opposite to, other than, lack of) and VIJJA (Light, Soul, Atman, Brahman). The very nature of the Absolute (vijja), which is objectively directed (a) away from its very Subject (vijja/Brahman), which is also that very same nature of the Atman (“Atman is [of the nature of] Brahman”-Up, and Buddhism: ‘Brahmabhutena attano’).

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