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June 30, 2010


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Why so much anger?

The author says "It is not hard to read the Buddha’s discourses. Most of them are on the Internet free of charge. " Most of the Pali Canon is online at http://www.accesstoinsight.org/ Despite what the auhtor says, he tipitaka is hard reading. Well, yes it's easy to get access, but understanding is more difficult. Because the sutras are difficult to understand, I really appreciate such publications as The Island (http://www.abhayagiri.org/main/book/1788/) to help me wade through the subject matter.

I don't feel hoodwinked -- I just appreciate the help.

This amount of whining from people claiming to be spiritual superior to others usually originates from a constant dissatisfaction with themselves, or more correctly, everything that is beyond their scope of direct gnosis. A good buddhist sage, has perfect satisfaction glowing within, warming not only self but also all attracted to this mystical fire of the Mind.

"The Tathagata is still the Tathagata even if he doesnt teach anyone....how so? because he is such (a tathagata) because of his wisdom...(not that he teaches any MoFo at all)"- Anguttara Nikaya.

Yes, F the Public. F them all in the A.

Modern buddhism MORE than sucks, it makes christianity look sane as hell by comparison.

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Ah, astounding!

Most people, if given a choice, will prefer to eat pizza instead of reading a Sutra. I know a few 'sages' who have given up on mankind after many years of trying.

These 'sages' also know it is better not to teach Dharma to mankind out of concern most of them will (and have) use the Teachings to bring other people to hell, LOL


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