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June 29, 2010


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The idea of emptiness to me has always been suspect.
A bunch of people sitting around doing nothing trying to attain extinction, yet trying not to try?
More like running marathons in circles around spheres. ;)

All the while they ignore the obvious.
Why do they get up and eat or piss? Why do they even bother to do anything at all?
If they want to attain extinction, or emptiness, why not buy a gun?

I had come across awarning against the teaching of emptiness or nihilism somewhere, cannot remember where though.

hey, bodhiratna, son.

religion isnt "subverted", religion by DEFINITION is subverted.

religion is secularized metaphysics for the spiritually illiterate (my quote)

nibbana is “bhavanirodha”, and = cittathitatta (the citta which is no longer perturbed [towards objective phenomena]

this is of course no damn different than the saying “yoga (nibbana) chita (citta) vriti (turnings etc) nirodha (subjugation of)”.

Again, boy, Nibbana concept is just rehashed Vedanta.

download this book, which proves beyond any doubt that the notion of immortality or the soul is completely not present anywhere in the bible. The author has done his research very well.


Bravo, and very insightful post!

The Elysium context is quite interesting in a sense that some Yogic practitioners actually experience the 'electricity charge' running up and down their bodies.


After the 'electrified treatment' some Yogis report the sense of detachment from the world,..........BUT at the same time, they feel body of bliss growing! Certainly, there is no extinction there.

It is true when the common folks enter religion, they dilute and subvert it. Taking the mystic out of religion is analogous to 'extinction' indeed!


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