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June 17, 2010


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This picture alone sums up the ignorance of your invalid position on self-defense


Congrats, you just used the "cowards fallacy"

which encompasses the heretical notion that those who pack a gun etc. for self defense "live in fear, are debased by potential scum/demons who may attack/kill them".

This faulty and liberaldouchebag logic would also reckon that house and car insurance are equally worthless products which one has out of fear.

By this bullocks pseudologic of yours and other cowards, a condom is no different than a handgun since both are used to "keep bad things from happnin'".

Thanks for illuminating the cowards fallacy.

Next time you buckle you seat belt in Atlanta, in that Taurus of yours, try your logic in differentiating a seat belt (protection device) from a handgun (protection device). Because there is no fundamental difference.

The big head has spoken.

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