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May 23, 2010


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zennist says "This seeing is also a knowing or gnosis that for the seer is quite real and earth shaking—and certainly not subjective"

Wrong, the gnosis (nan'a/gnosis/epistropha) IS subjective,...it is empirical knowledge (episteme) which is OBJECTIVE and has its locus in the temporal consciousness (vinnana).

It is likely however that in your common slipshod manner, that you used the term 'subjective' to refer to the khandic persona (non grata) which is 'na me so atta (Subject/atman)'. However the "devil is in the details", and the lemming-puthujjana who read your ramblings, lack the intellectual prowess to differentiate subjective (khandhic) from Subjective (atman).

Despite Creationism being a lie and trash, however, you are incorrect about Moses and the Bible, the Bible in fact speaks OFTEN about One-ing with God-(head), and not mere faith subservience to the padre'.

As for Islam,it is impossible to comment upon such a worthless and profane pseudo-relgion shat from the arse of camel-mollesting Arabians.

Or, in summation, your article is a collection of hyperbolic claptrap.

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