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May 24, 2010


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"Nurse! Nurse!! He's out of bed again!"

Youre nothing but a stinking Hindu! You damned dot-head telling these good people holy buddha preached the atman! That Hindu crap is a damned lie and you know it. He preached nothingness as the utmost samadhi.

To be blown into the cosmic womb of oblivion is paranirvana and you know it.

Only an ass monkey would believe there is an atman or something that transmigrates from one body to another. Im warning other people to stay away from this website!

I love reading about soul rejection from my Theravadin brethren, and talk of emptiness makes me sexually excited, sometimes to the point of messing on my laptop screen. Then I google this atman loving dogcrap and I loose my stiffy.

How dare you, you miserable S.O.B. Burn in Hades.

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