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May 06, 2010


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What is real suffering? Is it to endure the pains of torture, of injustice, of separation from what is loved and hold most dearly? No, real suffering for someone is to know there is a way out by the compassionate presence of a helping hand, and yet deny oneself the opportunity to rise and walk away from suffering, due to pride, guilt and shame.

Here the pure dharma power of the buddhas and bodhisattvas has been transformed into an inverted force of inevitable self-destruction that knows no end to suffering as long as such ignorance Is maintained.

epic fail homeboy.

The attribute of the Absolute makes the connection. Namely avijja, i.e. tolma, the privative coeternal objectively dirrected nature of the will, within which attribute and principle are without distinction.

desire doesnt make the connection, and is itself an empirical lesser modality of the avijja which is parallel with the Absolute.

Refrain from 'Obama-wisdom'. i.e. ignorance.

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