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May 09, 2010


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"Now, now girls. Cease that name calling and hair pulling." said by the Queen of name calling and hair pulling!

Now, now girls. Cease that name calling and hair pulling.

You forgot to mention that Gotama the persona (khandhic namorupic eso kaya...) is = Mara.

As such, all brass statues, paintings, drawings etc. "of the buddha" are in fact persona non grata representations of Mara, of Gotama, of the khandhic logos which is "not the Buddha who is akimkanna (a NON-PERSON[A]).

That all current “statues of the Buddha” are in fact gold-covered or brass homage’s to Mara, or Gotama, cannot be denied and is most certainly fitting for an perversely upside-down corrupt materialistic pseudo-religion far diverged from its original, which praises Mara-Gotama over that of the Buddha who is spirit and his wisdom-attainment which culminated in the subjugation of the spirit over that of persona (= anatta, Mara, Gotama), or, as depicted in earliest iconography, the Buddha is undepictable, just as in sutta he is deemed a “non-person”; [SN 1.132]

But im sure you (didnt) already make that logical conclusion from doctrine.

yes mara has no self, is not a self either.

Hmmmmmmm, this sounds like a copy of my earlier article


coincidence Im sure

The Zennist: Not a coincidence. The Zennist published this blog in 2007. http://zennist.typepad.com/zenfiles/2007/11/this-entails-th.html

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