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May 30, 2010


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Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are "the 'spiritual people'"??? Wow. I'd like to ask them what they think of Buddhism or neoplatonism for that matter.

Then again, only such a one as 'suvimutta' (SA, KLW, etc), who we know is capable of reading but seems to do it a tad too fast for comprehension lately, could come up with that one and proceed to describe Karl Marx as the blog author's 'hero' in response to an entry by that author that is fundamentally critical of Marx's view, his spirituality, his very project.

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck??

Beck is a stupid Mormon(moron), and Limbaugh, as i recall, is a confessed agnostic.

Typical of lefting liberal scum, youre use hyperbole to paint the Right-wingers into a fallacious strawman corner by using idiots like Beck and Rush.

FACT: The atheist atman-denying superscum are ALL (all of them, 100%) are on YOUR SIDE, the left, the commies, the socialist-Humanist trash-spectrum.

You said "Nor does capitalism fare any better in some respects"...... A bigger lie has never been said by anyone.

Try living in Commie Russia for a few years (like I did). Capitalism doesnt only "fare better", it fares far far far better. Congrats, you just said a rocket-car isnt "much better" than a morbid snail in the speed category.

The left wing commie liberal scum you LOVE so much (as indicated by your (...) on huffington post) are THE CORE NEXUS of materialism, metaphysical atheism, and petty Humanism.

Sorry, (...), but the "spiritual people" wrong headed or not, are on the RIGHT [e.g., Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh].

You know nothing about Marx, additionally. Marx was a Jew who hated Jews and called personally for their extermination. Marx's most beloved friend was a self-confessed Satanic old bitch whom he loved. Marx engaged in Satanic conferences.

His own letters also mention his desire for his wifes mother "to die, because that miserable whore....I need her money, ....hurry up and die".

Theres Karl Marx, your hero, a jew hating jew who engaged in Satanism.

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