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May 02, 2010


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I've always taken the word "modern" to me relating to the current or present time. Thus it is only the illusory notion of knowing what is in the future that could be called "postmodern." By definition, there can be no "postmodern" view held today, because if it is held today then it becomes a modern view.
Buddhism transcends the notions of the "three times" of past, present, and future to point solidly at the immanent mind which is the unfolding True Suchness.

This is expressed in the Zen koan of Deshan going to see Longtan, that is Case 28 of the Gateless Checkpoint. On the way Deshan met an old woman selling tea and dimsum snacks by the wayside. The nickname for such snacks in that day were called "mind refreshment snacks" and Deshan asked for some. In reply, she asked Deshan, who was wearing his traveling monk's attire, what he was carrying in his backpack, and he said commentaries on the Diamond Cutter Sutra. She asked, "Just listening to the Sutra it says, ‘The past mind can’t be obtained; the present mind can’t be obtained; the future mind can’t be obtained.’ Great virtuous one, for which particular mind do you desire refreshment?”
Deshan had not yet passed through the Zen checkpoint and so he was flummoxed.

Our communion (a pun with eating Christian communion wafers and Buddhist communion of eating Mind Refreshment snacks) with True Mind must take place not just on the meditation cushion but also on the street for it to be really communion.

Buddhism is a threat to modernity, post-modernity and pre-modernity because it asks with which mind does the idea of escape from modernity arise?

Thank you for this interesting post.

As far as I can tell, your last two paragraphs provide the most accurate description of the actual experience of 'no-self' in relation with pure Mind.

A long time ago the great Bodhidharma offered following testimony in the first letter (trans. J. Broughton):

"Those who have been able to meet Sakyamuni Buddha and realize the great path are in the millions; those who have obtained the four fruits [1] are numberless [2]. I really thought that the heavenly mansions were another country and hells another place, that if one were to attain the path and get the fruit, one´s bodily form would change.

I unrolled sutra scrolls to seek blessings through pure practise. I tried to produce karmic causes. In confusion I went arount in circles, chasing my mind and creating karma; thus I passed many years without leasure to take a rest.

Then for the first time I dwelled upright in dark quiesence and settled external objects in the kingdom of mind. However, I have been cultivating false thought for such a long time that my feelings led me to continue to see characteristics. I came to the point where I wanted to probe the difficulties inherent in these illusionary transformations.

In the end I clearly apprehended the Dharma Nature and engaged in coarse practise of Thusness.

For the first time I realized that within the square inch of my own mind there is nothing that does not exist. The bright pearl comprehends clearly and darkly penetrates the deep tendency of things. From the Buddhas above to the wriggling insects below there is nothing that is not another name for false thought. They are the calculations of thought. And so I have given written expression to my dark musings."

[1] Four fruits: Stream enterer (into the real self nature/body of the pure Buddha Mind equalling a beginner of the path); once returner (will be reborn one more time); never returner (now in last rebirth); and arhat (has achieved nirvana by fully fusing/identifying with real self nature of the Buddha Mind, creating no desires whatsoever to the disturb this permanent spiritual communion/union with the supreme).

[2] Seeing the awesome amount of Buddha lands Bodhidharmas claim of this figure is an understatement. I can assure you. -cheshire cat smile-.

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