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April 29, 2010


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Of course the problem that surfaces in the stream of consciousness as a "rejection of mysticism" is the inability to distinguish between mystic insight and superstitious belief. This difficulty faces every Westerner who approaches Buddhism and especially Tibetan Buddhism.

Zen of course cuts through the difficulty by plainly stating that all the supersticious imaginings are essentially about our own mind. For example, the system of supertitions built up around "Avalokiteshvara" are focused in Zen as being the moment of compassion of our own mind.
Now materialistic oriented people will say that the feeling of compassion is not a mystic insight, but that is where they have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. There is no real compassion if it does not present as the manifestation of True Suchness in the world of appearances, that is, compassion is superficial without the mystic insight that all beings are Buddha by nature and it is only our ignorance and delusions that prevent us from realizing it. A superficially samsaric compassion is better than a lack of compassion at all, but the compassion that stands on zero and walks on water is the true compassion of the Tathagata. "Stands on zero" means that it is essetially empty as it appears in the mirror of the mind's emptiness. "Walks on water" means that it is manifested in the waves of consciousness that arise in the ocean of the Alaya-vijnana.

Interesting post, Minx, as always.

The best way to destroy a seemingly solid argument or accepted position is to insert a paradox as to remind how even the most simple things or ideas can under certain conditions behave in complicated and unexpected ways.

The latter reflects the continous myriad states of uncertainty pervading all forms of creation in samsara, whether it is an idea, a thing, or accepted knowledge based on the former.

Any accepted position or idea (by a being) in samsara is based solely on the limited perception of what seems to be a rapid imageflux between the illusory states of Order and Chaos.

To seek any form of residuary wisdom about the true self on such volatile grounds, is a recipe for suffering.

The Lankavatara sutra stated clearly that the sole remidy to this was to fully realize the imageless nature of the Buddha Mind, ones true nature. To seek anything beyond this, is to embrace the ancient greek godess Eris and her children of misfortune, Ponos(Toil/Labor), Lethe(Forgetfulness), Limos(Famine), Algea(Pains/Sorrows),Hysminai (Fightings/Combats), Neikea (Quarrels), Pseudea(Lies/Falsehoods), Amphillogiai(Disputes)and Dysnomia (Lawlessness).

Mental illness in one or several forms, like bipolar, mano-depressive or 
schizoaffective disorder is a rapidly increasing phenomenon in USA. Knowledge, in any form and amount, is a poor substitute for one suffering from mental illness. Why you might ask? Because a mental illness becomes like a dissonant barrier to mental and spiritual clarity and thus a doorway to error and suffering.

Nietche was a genius of his time and yet as his mental illness got more severe with age, his thoughts and ideas vastly profound for ppl of his time, were exchanged into mere confused ramblings the final years before his death. The same happened to the great austrian mathematician Kurt Friedrich Gödel and the american economist John Forbes Nash.

Buddha spoke many times on the matter and made it quite clear that anyone in the grip of strong emotions; anger, lust, greed, jealously, etc., is showing signs of having mental health problems. 

It is believed that there are two types of people who are prone to develop a mental health problem; those who take on too much responsibility, and consequently spend an enormous amount of time thinking; and those who take on too little responsibility, and spend little time developing their mental and spiritual abilities in the healing light of their true nature.  

Other factors like greedy territoriality and a puffed up pride often result in a strong psychotic dissonance causing a confused aspect of behaviour often harming other beings. Unless there is no present clarity gained from the absence of the most serious forms of mental illness, the mind cannot find that minimum requirement it needs for any serious progress on the spiritual path towards liberation from an ignorant rebirth in the countless false reailities of samsara, whether that is for the next hour, day, year or life.

(Yes for you who didnt get it, rebirth is just this, the continous regenesis and entanglement in a web of countless conditional positions due to agnosis of the
One Mind, whether it is for the next hour, day, year or life).

Your deluded 'groupie' Frank seems to suffer the delusion that buddhism taught the end to physical suffering rather than "the end of the ROOT (mula) of suffering,....agnosis (avijja)"

Buddhism nowhere teaches the end to physical suffering , for the "born, there is NO END of suffering, no escape from death"

Or that "Gotamas last hours were spent in great pain, vomitting, etc" MN2 mahaparinibbanasutta

The more you talk about the spiritual, the more materialistic mental-trash pseudointellectual deranged spiritually retarded scum you attract.

Aint the net cute?

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