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March 31, 2010


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Guru Shining Pate Holey Tights,

Your comment shows that you aren't even reading what has been written before you dash off a half-baked response to it. Nowhere in these comments is it assumed that wealthy people are creeps as a rule, and neither is there any indictment of wealthiness per se. Before you go jumping on the "commie scum" make sure you haven't read incorrectly. You've got your John Birch Commie Vision Goggles, the ones you got by sending in UPC labels collected from Fruit Loops boxes, dialed in a little too tight. To correct you, "creeps and their wealth" refers to Frank's perhaps misguided question about people who are RICH yet are downright creeps (they do exist, you know) and how this could be if kamma is true.

"creeps and their wealth"????

Thats Commie trash-talk

the wealthy top 10% in the USA pay 92% of the taxes

the wealthy top 5% create 71% of the JOBS in the USA

Commie scum always complain about the "wealthy". Its your mental perverse sickness.

"tell me something I don't know, if you can....(: "
Re: your question about the downright creeps and their wealth, while I probably can't tell you anything about karma that you don't know or that while particularly convince you, I can point out what you don't know: namely you don't know where this person came from, what they were like in the past lives. You also don't know what fruit is related to exactly what seed. Or what their personality now is going to get them later. In the karma explanation, the wealth now may be the fruit of good deeds in the past, while the bad acts now will fruit in bad circumstances later. Good results now don't necessarily contradict bad personality now. Your question resembles someone who puts their hand on a stovetop, observing that it is both hot and not turned on and sees a contradiction, forgetting that maybe it was turned on before and now that it is off hasn't cooled down yet.
in friendliness,

The Zennist wrote: "those in the darkness of their own ignorance who want to toss out the main elements of Buddhism such as karma and rebirth or purge from its teachings the transcendent"

My query: Does anyone NOT want to believe in karma or the transcendent? I think the question is this: are those concepts literally true or not true?

I find it very strange, for example, that some Christians get mad or passive-aggressively furious at non-believers by condoning a creed that condemsn non-believers.....

Michael Shermer, the skeptic, when asked about the afterlife, said something like "I'm for it!" He later intimated that he just didn't believe it was true.

Whenever I ask a question like: where's even the superficial evidence for karma? I really do not get any answers--even though some pretty wise people do try. Here I go again (some never learn--I'm one of them I guess):

If karma is true,why are so many downright creeps RICH, etc.?

Please don't call me a failure, etc. ignorant, spiritually blind...tell me something I don't know, if you can....(:

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