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March 30, 2010


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These ad hominem attacks towards the author are just plain childish. If you like to build a real case against his insights in Zen Buddhism (as originally inteded by its founders) then at least keep your comments to the subject at hand, with critique based on the subject and not your own deranged interpretations of what is considered "superior" spirituality. Anything else just reveals the sad level of your own spiritual immaturity which is far worse than mental inadequacy. Remember that there is an audience out there, non-american, non-redneck or yankee, eager to read well chosen thoughts by what seems to be one of the last remaining "deep thinking" americans with a style reminding me much of Gore Vidal and Michael Parenti. Let this man speak his peace before this overbloated "Titanic" known as the USA he reports from, sinks to the bottom of the great sea of greed, fear and corruption, never to be seen or heard from again. Much like the Aztecs or Mayans...

I love your self-confessed socialist remarks on the huffington-communist-post.

see the communist pro-socialist comments from the webmaster of zennist typepad:


Ive seen communism, old man, it doesnt work.

You have two fundamental errors here you might correct, save that is, one cares for accuracy.

#1 "and not the puppet show of phenomena to which the West seems unusually attached"

Be it creationism or elsewise, the West is infinately more spiritual than the east. Most of China and Japan contain self-confessed metaphysical atheists. The east is becoming MORE mateiralistic now and the inverse is true for the West.

#2 the kind the Buddha taught—not the limited Western kind

Greece and Nordic Europe taught the unlimted "kind" you refer to, long before Gotama came into the scene. You are referring to contemorary western existentialism, not period-western Monism of the noble type.

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