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March 11, 2010


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Where could one get an authentic, complete translation of the Nikayas? The set of translations by Bhikku Bodhi is not quite complete yet, but can you recommend them?

While I certainly consider myslef a Zen practioner and Soto Zen at that I've long felt that certian things that Dogen said were dissonant with the teachings of the Buddha. You hit a lot of them and I'd really have to dig around in old reading notes to find the the rest.

That being said I find alot of Dogen's words to be of great value to me presonally.

As with all things we should evaluate his writings with a keen eye and a logical mind.

I do find some value in Dogen - his style of writing tends to bring question to our awareness, but I tend to share your viewpoint on the sutras v. Dogen.

Dogen, himself, did not emphasize shikantaza to the exclusion of other activities.

Too, we should be cautious about reading too much into "all existence is Buddha nature," - are phenomena of Mind "existence?"

But eventually all the guys of old aren't going to pave the way for the practitioner.

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