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March 23, 2010


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Well, I found karma but see no need to believe in rebirth - there is no "re".

It could be argued that Batchelor is a heretic; it can also be argued (and IS argued) that Zen is a Buddhist heresy as well. Certainly, when that creep of a "master" cut a living cat in two to "make a point" that was heresy. No way the Buddha would have stood for that. I can just imagine the poor creature just wanting to be petted or nearly starving to death....the intellect has helped to remove so much physical suffering, that's it's understandable why it's taken over

Batchelor had an interview with Sheela Reddy of Outlook (Feb. 27). The story has been picked up by a journalist of one of the British newspaper (Guardian, I think).
The review and interview indicate that Batchelor centers his new book around his biography of Buddha's last 3 months on earth. Reading Reddy (and not the book) Stephen surmises that Buddha had but 1 Brahmin monk-disciple: Kassapa (Kashyapa) and that Kassapa plotted to kill Ananda so as to take over the reins over the sangha. Buddha's being poisoned by this famous súkkara máddhava instead (his words) was a mere accident.
And so on.

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