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March 21, 2010


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I use D.T. Suzuki's translation. I think he translates vikalpa with "discrimination." Vikalpa is tough to translate. Vikalpa in Sanskrit can mean "alternative', 'combination', 'variety, 'distinction', 'contrivance' a 'false notion' a 'fancy'.

"To put it another way, matter is a disharmony (duhkha) that is generated by mind-stuff's imprecise cognition of itself or the same, its discrimination which the Lankavatara never tires of reminding us."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what your quote above is saying is basically as follows:

Originally there was mind-stuff and everything was groovy, but then mind-stuff imprecisely thought of itself or discriminated...but my question is this: how could mind-stuff have discriminated when originally there was only this ONE mind stuff? To discriminate means to tell the difference between two or more things, but you assert that originally there were NOT two or more things.

I'm plodding my way through the the sutra in question now. Will it answer my question?

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