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March 29, 2010


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In terms of laying the intellectual groundwork necessary to help us diminish suffering in the external world, the Greeks were superior; however, Buddhism claims another realm.

For me anyway, the whole issue is this: is this "mind" (in the Mahayana sense) something objectively "real"; that is, the "source" or is it some kind of illusion the physical brain produces during deep meditation?

Listen to the scientist at the latest EXPLORATIONS radio show (kpfa.org, I think) explain "out-of-body-experiences" in scientific terms.

If science does explain everything eventually, that would suck--and I do say "if"--but if that's the case, and there turns out to be no metaphysical, then we need to know that.

Great excellent post!

Reading the article with an open mind, one might be able to understand the underlying difficulty for an ordinary human to look within. However by understanding this, one can realize one has gone the wrong direction and the course to inner Wisdom has to be replotted.

Looking back at one's very own childhood through the eye of this toddler one can emphatically put himself/herself there and see how powerful phenomenon appearance was.

Furthermore, for an inverted mind, the many beliefs and convictions the child has learnt from childhood to adulthood are real to him. This is truth (to him) but it's also a distorted truth universally as we know from practicing Buddhism.

On the other hand, as the child grows up and if he is guided correctly he is taught phenomenon appearance is not the absolute and to see the absolute, one must literally has to step away from the body :). This is a task easy said than done as most of the world folks are not really interested in knowing the unseen source of life.

Thank for posting this enlightening article. BTW, is that toddler your grandson? wish he grows up to be a Buddhist just like you, and bring much light to the world! :)


So, youre trying to say that the spirit/nous/citta/'mind' of everyone is perpetually and eternally objectively dirrected "life after life" except for those "rare few" who turn the citta in upon itself and are then deemed Uddhamsoto (up-stream-ers, at the source-waters, obtained the Absolute).

Yeah, thats more pithy.

I dont know about the "wonders of mahayana" as you say, buddhism is defunct, a rancid bovine carcus rotting in the sun. The spiritual intelligencia have turned to Greek Platonism for more specificity.

Namely all the Indian masters, Coomaraswamy, Radhakrishnan, etc., all turned, later in life, away from study of obtuse Indian metaphysica to that of the Greeks who were superior.

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