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February 22, 2010


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Why does DarkZen have a link to your blog? Are you one in the same or unaffiliated?

Very well written!

Tiger's mind focused and got stuck between women's legs :)

lot of Westerners male in particular, are overly obsessed with sex also but they usually can not afford these desirable women! and maybe that is the reason they are envious that Tiger 'had all the luck' (and money) bagging these women.

Certainly there are lot of 'sinners' out there but these Westerners, who have equally the same amount of desire, would commit the same 'sin' if they have Tiger's celebrity status and money.

It is a rather reflection on the mundane world where sex drives everything and people subconsciously want to be reborn into the human form to have sex again life time after life time!

I think you 'hit the nail on the head' about Tiger should start reading the Pali cannon and the Mahayana cannon. Reading these cannon often causes a 'shift in a direction' of mind where he (Tiger) can slowly be released from his desire.

In conclusion, the problem is not about sex or too much sex (or infidelity). The problem is a person inability (weakness) to control (discipline) him/herself from the desire to engage in phenomenal pleasure.

As thus, the person not liberated from desire is doomed to repeat Samsara by rebirth endlessly, and he (or she) never realizes the true source of happiness, the endless light of transcendental bliss!


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