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February 17, 2010


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@mujaku as you know I respect your views.

This one appears to be a clear example of what I think you often write about - explaining mind to someone who doesn't see it.

In this case the analogy is with logical concepts.

I think that this mostly leads away from mind for one who has glimpsed mind, if one follows through your analogy,

like how trying to grasp the butterfly with much energy and attention makes it fly away.

The revving of the engines of your jet you offer to chase the butterfly with only accomplishes scaring the bystanders (which are the modern buddhists who are your audience).

Trying to point out what the destination looks like is not in the suttas, rather they describe the attachments and the path to eliminating the attachments.

Forget these people who argue against mind. They will never understand the way you describe it, with ever increasing sophisitcation in your analogies. They need the next step from where they are - which they can't identify, but you could easily for them, and this would be a great benefit, but of course that would have to be on an individual basis.

After glimpsing the destination and entering the stream, the path is important, and the only important thing.

For example, give us the benefit of your thoughts on dukka, and how it is really true that all is dukka that we can perceive with the senses. This is the first thing that one must accept to begin on the path - and fully realizing there is no good reason to stay attached to the aggregates must be the final cracking of the nut for the path to appear clearly through establishing a full commitment to it.

I seek to see ever more clearly the path and how to travel faster on the path. Can you offer some things on this?

Best wishes,

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