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February 21, 2010


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I agree, and I even find it difficult to put myself in the skin of s.o. who suffers from things that I don't know or haven't experienced yet. Actually, for example, I would have to induce cancer into me to know how it feels - and still, the doctors would say each case is different and an "individual" one.

On the other hand, at my booth at a fair - I publish Buddhist books and some novels in German - once a woman in her forties came to talk about Buddhism and its basic teachings. When asked, I started talking about the Dharma - but soon she was exhausted. Wenn she left for a neighbouring booth of Tibetan Buddhists, I felt that she wasn't really looking for the Dharma but for other answers.

So true!
people went on to think of Compassion as pity but it is not at all pity. for Buddha cannot uplift from feeling of pity.
Compassion is seeing and arousing the ability to recover - is it not?

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