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February 25, 2010


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I have found that as long as the author does not walk astray from the wonderful wisdom dsplayed in the nirvana sutra, he is indeed a genuine buddhist, albeit a mystic with a good esoteric eye incomprehensible to most neo-buddhists. In this article, which I must say I thought he would never dare to write without a certain amount of condemnation by some thickheaded denizens, I find it still a pleasant surprise that he is, despite this huge apparent leap, still firmly grounded in the Nirvana Sutra.

For those with little sand in their eyes the author gave a lot of hints on what is possible for that which is true, completely free of limitations and deathless.

I bow in awe and gratitude for his compassion to kindle the spiritual eye of those who long to see beyond the confines of spiritual rigor mortis.

No comment on the fact that ALL major invention and technology has stemmed from Western Man? Western man has been lied to and demonized to the point of slow suicide now. How will this wonderful techno-future happen? All of the money is going to criminal banksters and generational welfare cases. Reality check and checkmate.

What poor deluded person would want to do what you are suggesting? In nirvana you would still crave to play games in a body? No, the aggregated forms would hold no interest as they are all transitory.

This post is an absurd delusion. Stop the foolishness, you can do much better than this.

This is an unbelievably great article--actually made the tears well up. First though, we have a long, long way to go right here. Of all the races, only one has primarily created technology and science, which has benefited all of mankind, and that group of people who can not be named is literally going extinct; therefore, it is more likely we will descend into barbarism rather than reach for the stars. Also, we need to invent a kind of artificial meat to end all of the gory horrors perpetrated against our fellow animals each and every moment on this earth.

Finally you dare to go where no contemporary zennist has been before LOL

Nice article indeed.

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