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January 07, 2010


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What you say is true indeed. It made me recall Johnstons work;

evam eṣāṃ bālānām anuśayavatāṃ nimittagrāhiṇām ārambaṇacaritānām ayoniśomanasikārasamudācārāt kleśasamudayaḥ | kleśasamudayāt karmasamudayaḥ | karmasamudayāj janmasamudayo bhavati | sa punar eṣa sarvākārakleśakarmajanmasaṃkleśo bālānām ekasya dhātor yathābhūtam ajñānād adarśanāc ca pravartate |

Thus these people, having tendencies [of Desire, Hatred and Ignorance], regarding the [unreal] characteristic [as real], and making it the basis of cognition, [affectionally] hanging on it, produce the Irrational Thought, from which consequently arises Defilement. Because of origination of Defilement, there arises Action; from the origination of Action, there arises Rebirth. And all kinds of impurity of these Defilements, Action, Rebirth, etc. come forth because people do not know, nor perceive the one [real] Essence as it is.

Ratnagotravibhāga (Johnston 13,8-12)

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