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January 06, 2010


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I've been a "romantic" most of my life, but now, not having had a date for YEARS, I'm the most content and peaceful I've ever been. Attractive women are very alluring, but the karma one reaps from getting attached to them seems to be really horrible in most cases.
"Tiger" married a model; the model married a walking wallet. There is a greater lonliness than being "alone."

Anyone sane and with a clear view on the american status quo, can easily deduce that we are all living a pimps dream inexorably leading to a pimpocracy, where stealing from the poor and giving to the rich is considered acceptable as long as such a deed is sanctionaed by the powers that be. Following this unfortunate chain of thought one might say, that applying a harmful religion, like christianity or similar patriarch based religions in the collective mind of people is equally right, because when asking yourself "que bono", we are left with the answer; it is those whom like hungry ghosts/demonic coprophagists feed on the produced energy from a collective ignorance that breeds confusion. After all, confusion is the best friend of a thief or a trickster.

You cannot offer the dharma to a nation slowly burning to the ground. It is much like trying to convince a frog caught in the water of a increasingly heated saucepan to jump before it becomes boiled to death.

This is a nation heading towards self destruction, either through war with other nations, or civil war due to vast corruption and cases of injustice. It gradually dawns to most americans that their christian religion is an ancient archetype, created by evil powers with a need to control the masses. This awakening might take some more years to full frutition. Inevitably though its stands to good reason that when people loose everything they tend, to loose it completely.

Whom dares to stand in the way of such an enraged crowd? I can easily forsee a revolution which will make the french one look like a soft summer breeze.


A veiled form of immorality? or Compassion?

I'm weak. I have a hard time controlling my attachments and desires, if I had to get to Enlightenment all by myself - forget it!

Thank goodness that sometimes we can be carried. Maybe no all the way, I don't know, but I know I'm the recipient of so much help.

Namu Amitabul,


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