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January 25, 2010


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...Nishijima did have his own zendo for many years, and until recently (he's now 90) held sesshin at kyujuzan tokei-ji. Does that count?

I believe Sawaki was called 'Homeless' Kodo. But he got by...somehow.

Yep. That's all correct as far as i'm aware, Guido.

Your point?

Well, Nishijima Roshi, Brad Warner's teacher, was not even ordained when he attended Sawaki's teachings. Actually, he is officially a dharma heir of Niwa Roshi - but Nishijima founded his own "Dogen Sangha" and gives shiho, so to say, from his living room (to more than 20 people now) because he has no temple. Therefore his disciples don't do dharma combat and zuise (staying overnight in Eiheiji/Sojiji meditating) and are not acknowledged by the Japanes Sotoshu.

Nishijima has his own interpretation of the Shobogenzo and refuses to go into detail with other Dogen experts. There also doesn't seem to be much connection to Antaiji anymore, Sawaki's former temple.

Brad Warner teaches the Zen Buddhism of his teacher, Gudo Nishijima Roshi, who (essentially) teaches the Buddhism of Kodo Sawaki - all of them pretty orthodox Dogen-ites.

That, nevertheless, each has their own style of presentation should not surprise nor upset anyone.

Twas ever thus.

While not a fan of Genpo Dennis Merzel's approach, I'm familiar enough to know that you've (also) mis-represented that ;-)

I think you're a bit hard on Mr. Warner; your real beef is with Dogen.

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