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December 14, 2009


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What you are basically saying, based on the writings of an anonymous author, whom you never talked to, much less met, is that every zen temple or monastery in Japan today is corrupt. That there is not one genuine zen teacher alive (except yourself of course) teaching the true dharma.


It reminds me of some german pre-WW2 authors proclaiming how inferior and corrupt the african race was due to their dark complexion and life style that seemed to be based on superstition and ignorance. These authors had never visited Africa. They had only read some books by german explorers in kongo and close by nations and thus condemned an entire race based on theoretical assumptions.

You write some good articles on the subject of Zen but also some very bad.

However clean and pure you keep trying to tell your readers, your white sheet of Zen is, the black ink stains on it doesnt fool those with eyes to see.

For what it's worth, my sense is that Zen is occult in the same way as the Western Mystery Tradions. You can read the answers/rituals/etc. and have no idea what the experience was about unless you worked through it with someone that understood the essence and was able to convey that to you.

I can't say I have any idea of what is taught in most Zen centers, because I don't attend most Zen centers :-)

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