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December 22, 2009


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The "western soul" you criticize is only a latent, FrankenSTEIN creation; actually, it is a Judiazed soul. Looking back at pre-Christian western traditions, you can find much that is mystical and in harmony with the "Tao". The pre-christian heathens in many cases were very open-minded towards their would-be Christianizers--a big mistake, as it turned out to be....

Minx- Lol

Sure, the zennist sometimes wanders off into deepest redneck, Bobbie Joe country, where the local hicks are deeply superstitious ufo/conspiracy nuts and mixes this entertaining substance into his zen soup. But that is just some spiced up stories for the present children. Much like swalloving the bad tasting medicine with some sweet juice.

NellaLou makes some good points. The West has its own background in spirituality and mysticism; the East, in addition to some fine spiritual traditions, also has a history of anti-spiritual behavior (Maoist China).

The religious Christians I grew up around were some of the most bigoted, stupid people imaginable, yet I realize they weren't representative of all Christians. Nonetheless, the reaction to this sort of bigotry and fundamentalism today fuels atheism and the non-mystical spin of Western Buddhism. What is the dividing line between being a nut and being a mystic?

I'd also be curious to know what your spiritual outlook is in the context of people like Sarah Palin making religious claims, as well as the nationalist ego driving the U.S. in two theaters of war.

Detached? Engaged? Category Mistake?

UFOs and other life forms is rather odd reference. These phenomenon are of a materialist category, that is the material existence of other life forms and if such exist they would be perceived and therefore labeled. They are not the same category as say, angels, demons, fairies or Santa Claus.

Statements about Asian and Western souls and their attributes is generalizing stereotypes. I take umbrage at this sort of thing since it perpetuates misunderstanding and divisiveness. And like any sort of cultural generalization it simply isn't true.

There's plenty of superstition and the like in the west.(some mentioned above) Additionally how else do things like The Secret become popular? Magical thinking. It's only spread a little thinner leaking from the religious realm into the popular culture marketplace.

And science itself is often based on "belief" that has not and cannot be verified or only verified based on relation to previous scientific discoveries, which as we have seen are sometimes disproven. As you mention, science itself is on a shaky foundation which appears to be based on "faith".

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