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December 22, 2009


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Any thoughts on this Buddhist Skateboarding Monk: A contradiction or product of the modern age? http://bit.ly/monk_skateboarding

"Cultures go through cycles of invention." Yet for Western man this "cycle" goes as far back as anyone can research or even reckon, and it continues to this moment: from the birth of empirical science (Greeks) to the landing of craft on Mars....Where will it end?

Even the Chinese have legends (backed up by recent discoveries) of pale, tall, redheads arriving and basically teaching them many of the aspects of civilization.

Aaaahhhh....Ancinet Chinese medicine, huh? Very intriguing, and there's probably something to it, but most (if not ALL) people would be a lot more comfortable heading to a "Western" hospital in a medical pinch. On the other hand, if we ate more like the Asians, we probably wouldn't NEED those hospitals so much. I realize there's a Yin and Yang to everyTHANG, but when it comes to comparing Western man to any other kind, in terms of science and the alleviation of physical suffering, there simply is no comparison. Trying to do so is really laughable--that is if one can see past much of the the "P.C." junk--which is really nothing short of approved hatred for Western Man. You have to think outside the box (the TV).

"...none were created by Asians."

There are numerous systems of medicine created by Asians including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Unani and others many millenia ago. The validity of many of the practices in those systems has been tested and quite a number of procedures, substances etc. adopted and adapted by western pharmaceutical companies and others. Plant pharmacology for example has been well known in most cultures well before the Greeks.

The concept of zero was first identified in the east and came to function as a true zero, rather than a placeholder, in India centuries before the West had such a concept.

reference here:

Where would binary code have come from without this crucial concept?

The concept of "air conditioning" has been known in India for thousands of years as well-the generation of a breeze blowing over a water cooled curtain. The "modern" air conditioner is merely an adaptation of the same.

There are many other examples that could be cited of Eastern invention. Cultures go through cycles of invention and the "East" has had many from which the "West" has benefited enormously.

The physical sciences are lauded by the Dalai Lama because they, in most cases or when applied properly, alleviate suffering. As Buddha sought to lessen suffering, the best Western applications of the sciences do the same: heating, air-conditioning,medicine, computers and blogs like this one--none were created by Asians. The ancient Greeks either pioneered or popularized the idea of science as purely physical; this thought has led to the alleviation of much physical suffering for all of the races--including those that have been taught to only heap insult upon the Western man that made it possible--reverse karma, if you will...

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