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December 17, 2009


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Good post. Concerning your link on mind and matter by Dr. Jeffrey M Schwartz I would like to counter with Dr Stuart Hameroff whom together with the math genius Roger Penrose has blown away the science community on matters of spirit/self beyond the biological brain and body. Especially notice the part in the interview where he speaks about pure Mind as a point of infinite power and light. Truly interesting interview and a must see for those who seeks research on the matter by good scientists.


can you expand on why you include "no self" in the list of issues pointing towards materialism?

For the very simply reason that "no-self" is a cârvâka tenet. This is verified in Dasgupta's work, A History of Indian Philosophy (v. 1). Many modern Buddhists also believe in the notion of "no-self" which is a huge mistake (the Buddha only denied the self can be the Five Aggregates). ~ The Zennist

Wonderful commentary. Are you sure, though, that increasing the "rational" or "material" understanding of "psychical processes", diminishes them, truly?

I ask from the perspective of neuroscience, which is slowly learning more about meditation. However, reading about falling in love and publishing books about love can't substitute for the real thing! I'm not sure there's a conflict.

You might enjoy this. Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz has the right idea: http://www.vision.org/visionmedia/article.aspx?id=295 ~ The Zennist

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