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December 20, 2009


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If you read the doctrines avidly and closely enough you come to the point where different types of followers are identified. Karma (the sitting only practitioners) - Jnana (those who study in depth the scriptures, to gain their meaning and their feeling) - Bhakti (the devotees, who perform the rituals, inorder to surrender the ego's grip and open the heart), and another (Body witness followers). In the beginning and until stream entry the motivations are going to be mixed. For those who are distracted by how "the others" are doing it, a great depth of tolerance needs to be developed.In fact the development of tolerances is what the sangha jewell teaches us. In the end there isnt any true winning to liberation until all are following the path, and until you have that depth of insight into karmic conditionality, you never know when the one with the beautiful attire the hardy aimes of mala beads, isnt going to make that leap and leave you standing as ususal on the same side of the river.

That's an interesting quote from Hardy Amies...

I guess we can look at it in this way - these accessories all point at the Dharma, even though they seem to have nothing to do with it.

They grab people's attention, and then draw them in closer so they would end up studying the Dharma for what it is.

If you're not looking for it, it is difficult to get a glimpse of the Dharma at first; and so it is with a plain suit, even though it's well made.

I get what you are speaking to, and agree to a point. I think both suttas MN 29 and 30, the Greater and Shorter Discourses on the Simile of the Heartwood reflect your concern, and that is monastics who rest on their laurels and use their faux insight as tools to attract followers. And I agree that the Buddha taught that rites and rituals were empty. Having said that, rituals do perform important tasks in the development of mindfulness if viewed that way. Chanting for me doesn't make my mind dull, rather it focuses my mind so that my sitting meditation is less distracted. It even helps me overcome some of the hindrances, such as sloth and torpor.

I get what you're concerned about. It's just that I see the baby flying out with the bath water.


Bling Buddhism. Kinda has a "ring" to it :-)

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