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November 26, 2009


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In addition to my last comment I would like to add that the current name of the game for the young american teens in US
trying to escape the horrid conditions of their parents poverty, is NeuroSky. In a way tomorrows next Google or Intel. NeuroSky has developed a cost effective bio sensor and signal processing system for the consumer market where a game or tool can be controlled by thought power. In a way they offer the young ones semi-siddhi-powers. Very addictive and a ground for an escapism that will outmatch anything mankind have seen till this day.



We speak of the "food" of tomorrow here. Is it healthy as in strenghtening the concentration abilities of our next generation or will it become another cut in the dying body of a confused nation?

Mrs, Snider's menu was once made by "peasants" themselves. Hmmmmn. Now "peasants" go to McDonalds where the food is all ready for them made by other peasants. It's more than ironic.

In these tough times it is far cheaper for a family to dine at McDonalds or Burger King, then spend money on that "deluxe" menu by dear mrs Snider.

The mere fact that more then 1/3 of the US population is on food stamps with a very grim future ahead of them, clearly makes carefully selected "Buddhist food" something entitled for the rich. Ironic huh?

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