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October 21, 2009


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I know that often things and people in the distant past tend to get romanticized, but I'd agree with the author that there's a real difference between Huang Po and Suzuki and how each percieved. Huang Po was the real deal, simply put, living with hunters but remaining a veggie, etc. His teachings, sayings, etc. are truly mind expanding. I've read Suzuki several times and each time came away with the impression that there's just not that much there there.(: Modern zen is truly a degredation of classical Chinese zen. This author writes things that no one else does and is very instructive.

Interesting article. It seems to me that Zen centers are still teaching with the purpose of practitioners gaining realization of the "big mind" that you mention in your article. At least the centers I've experienced.

As the words of a Zen teacher are just pointers to their actual experiences, could it be that Huang-Po and Suzuki are using different phrasing to point to the same thing?

I agree! I see so little understanding of Big
Mind/Small Mind. I have run into several new age zennists that feel so strongly that nirvana equals samsara that they go on having sex and drinking!

But I do not feel there a discrepancy between Huang-po and Suzuki.

Huang-po was speaking to a bunch of monks who were stuck in learning the doctrine in books so he spoke to the a certain way to break their habit. When he spoke of mind he was reffering to Big Mind only.

Suzuki makes the distinction between big and small mind very often for lay people.

I am wondering where you get the idea that Suzuki felt that big mind was everything? That has not been my impression.

Small mind (ordinary mind) appears in the realm of big mind (Buddha mind). If the small mind is never still it never gets lessons from the big mind. The more time we spend in big mind, the more our small mind expresses bodhicitta.

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