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October 18, 2009


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zen has spawned an era of anti-intellectual mental midgets who think and declare the mere study of the teachings "Goddamn Dogma!"

Zen, ole boy, is a 2$ whore infected with AIDS, cute, and rotten to the core.

Thank you for this post... thank you for this blog!

Yes, I suspect that much of the "anti-internet" sanghas stems from a perhaps hidden desire to maintain their position as "Abbot" of some prestigious temple. And/or a desire to maintain their institution and steady line of devoted students.

Such a position of importance can easily go to a person's head and push them to seek maintaining such a situation regardless of what it might mean for others.

I don't see how online sanghas and online interaction with ordained teachers threatens traditional "brick and mortar" sanghas. They both administer to different groups of practitioners.

Some feel the need for physical interaction like those who attend school on a campus. Versus those who attend online classes.

Indeed no one needs a savior, a "master" or any other being to wake up. They are all helpful and useful but are still, in the end--fingers pointing at the moon. No one can do the waking up but us.

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