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October 20, 2009


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There is no light in the world and darkness is all around, said the man with his eyes closed.

Recent data released by the chinese authorities have showed that at least 100 million ppl in China suffers from various forms of psychosis. What the number is in USA is close to impossible to estimate due to the specific american culture that can be said to corrupt anyone coming into close contact with it on a daily basis. The amount of crimes committed alone in this country, speak their own distinct language for anyone with eyes to see. The number of produced psychopaths in the states are close to mind boggling if you compare it with lets say a country in Europe. It is a snake devouring its own tail due to incessant hunger for more of whatever is served.

It is hard for anyone today having a deep desire to study the dharma in this country. The traps are to many and the chance of encountering a genuine teacher or guide is close to impossible. The Buddha foretold this in his prophecy of the dharma ending ages and the sad thing is that no one can do anything to prevent this from becoming a dark and very painful reality in this world.

One can in a way declare ancient buddhist monks as generally fools and ignorants but they did a very important thing that very few speak of today. They preserved the various sutras, they worked diligently day and night to translate and save invaluable stories about various ancient mind sages so we in this dharma ending time can read and at least have a small chance to take part in the greatest treasure ever left to man for his spiritual evolution.

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