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October 29, 2009


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When I read this blog entry, I don't really understand how some readers have been able to spot hidden references to President Obama’s political agenda, Marxist-Leninism, or some form of anti-Japanese nationalism.

From what I can tell, the author only quoted a Japanese philosopher who said that the Japanese mind [probably due to their Shintoist religious background] does not usually apprehend the absolute apart from the phenomenal world. This leads the author to say that this might be the reason why Eihei Dogen seems to give an absolute status to phenomena. In other words, this means that Dogen tends to consider that the image reflected in the mirror is itself the mirror and its luminous reflective nature.

Now we might disagree with the author’s interpretation of Dogen, but I do not think that ad hominem attacks make a good argument to prove him wrong.


The demon ZMAN (....) comments)---then read a communist manifest by K Marx or Engels and tell me it doesnt reflect a contemporary world as we experience it today.

It certainly takes SCUM to praise SCUM. Next youll be praising the mass murderer Mao , like Obamazo's socialist ... love to do.

You lost all your 'friends' quickly for one reason, demon, you let your true colors shine thru.

Heres a clue you short little aging old yankee piece of ...,---Socialism has NEVER worked, ever. Never fucking ever, old ....

Deluded scum, thy name is ..., a midget version of ted turner, and almost as (un) intelligent.

There is no need to insult the author if you disagree with his arguments. Just present your own as a viable alternative.

It would be unwise to hold any political view other the a socialist one if you are an active buddhist.

If you dont understand this then read a communist manifest by K Marx or Engels and tell me it doesnt reflect a contemporary world as we experience it today.

What man does with the words of these geniouses, is very much alike what man does with the words of Buddha eg. they drag them in mud and pretend to like the new taste better.

I personally consider this blog one of outmost necessity in terms of guidance for those in need of basic Buddhism, yet to each one it should stand clear that no man is without fault in the face of changing conditions.

The Zennist author is a self-confessed socialist dirtbag. An anti-capitalist crypto-commie.

I wonder if the dirtbag is still proud of his vote for that demon Obamozo.

I forget, he is also a self-confessed draft-dodger.

"Reading this article I get this gut feeling that the author, probably american, has never visited Japan, much less devoted any first hand study of the country, and so gained little insight into the very refined Japanese mind. But this doesnt surprise me."

Ah, the land of Japan where foreign guest workers are 'looked down' and Korean and other Asian are treated as 'inferior race'.

The majority Japanese however often kiss the 'white' (not black, they dislike African-American) American buttocks when they see them. The Japanese people's personality also seem to exhibit a sort of complex not unlike Napoleon Complex when they are in close proximity with the white American.

Now hacking back to Zen, there are some 'secret' Buddhist sects in Okinawa who have admitted that their method of practice is very similar to Darkzen (which is the Buddha Zen). They also confessed the real modern Zen practice in Japan is used only for funeral service.

One can sit straight, look pious and mumbling some words from the Sutra to impress the folk. It is easy to do when you know there is a pot of money left behind by the temple visitors, waiting to be stacked away.

Those charlatan Japanese Zen priests! LOL


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