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October 22, 2009


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We each build our own raft with whatever we have at hand. Something of a custom made vehicle. Each student according to their capacity, learning and circumstances. Reminds me of school science projects.(ha)

Zennist, hi again! I am glad I ran across your blog, I admire the questions you ask yourself! And that was a deep insight.

Teethandtrousers, Discarding the raft is not ignoring it or saying it it will not be useful to someone else. We do not dismantle or destroy the raft! There is just cessation, no need to grasp onto it so tightly. This insight leads us to not be so, uhm, evangelical.

Zennist, I also found that this story is often misinterpreted and some people think this is a good reason to stay on this shore, to never get on the raft. (to not practice) They think that since they will not be able to own the raft they should never build it in the first place. :^)

In essence the diamond sutra tells you this;

When the mind is enlightened about its true nature (One Mind),
spirit is freed, the body of illusion and ignorance matters not.

Would it be better not to discard the raft, but to use it to help other beings to cross to the other shore. Isn't that the bodhisattva ideal?

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