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September 13, 2009


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I lived in SOCIALIST Russia for 4 years.

You want "health care for all" ????

You got it there, it SUCKS, its BAD, there is no profit motive for good care and good Doctors.

US Has the best health care on earth, and invents 80% of the new drugs on earth.

The zennist author is a crypto commie Kalifornia douchebag (waits for this comment to be striken).

the lot of you are moronic socialist scum

Great article!

Not only these greedy Capitalists practice cruelty in America, they promote suffering and instability around the world through war, exploitation of labor, and stealing other country's natural resources.

The real irony is while these capitalists doing all these evil deeds they preach 'freedom and democracy' :(

Some say the Capitalist's new 'Waffen SS' troops are these dumb right wing nuts here in America who try to stand in the way of progress. These wingnuts should be working in the mills in England back during the turn of the century! :)


Is it not the case that similiar labour conditions still go on in many parts of the world to provide us with our products?The sleight of hand is that because it is out of sight we think we have left these conditions behind through history when we have actually merely displaced them through geography.

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