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August 25, 2009


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You pose an interesing problem and dilemma; one which I have encountered. It seems to me this problem arizes among all imortant ideas. What problem ?....the problem of the evolution of an original idea...an evolution which expands and which frequently upsets the purist adherents. I can see the arquement of both sides and can't say much more with out reflecting at length about it. However this dilema has arizen many times in history. Look at how Nitsche's ideas were corrupted for political purposes. The ideas of Jung have been developed far beyond what he spoke about. Indeed Jesus's ideas have been greatly evolved. (in dire cases corrupted)....well this is a long discussion but thet key it to contemplate it with time and trying to do it without prejudice and emotion if we want to gain something valuable from it.

Is there something modern America hasn't poisoned or distorted? I finally got to the point where I was content in my modern equivalent of a zen hut, then the idiotic noise of million times warmed over "classic rock" from some retard bar started invading my living space. Sorry, I'm not a buddha and it just bugs me because it's an invasion of my space, my peace. Where can one even go (without LOTS of $$$), be close enough to the city to hold down a job, and literally not be assaulted by America's noise poisons: giant speakers, car alarms, noisy neighbors hooting and hollering at some game on TV....really, it's no overstatement to say that modern life is a nightmare to an introspective, sentient being. I work on my meditation, feed abandoned domestic animals, read the buddhist authors, but I just can't bring myself to do those kind of Tibetan meditations where one is to expand love outwards to all--especially one's enemies. Is this meditation necessary to being a Buddhist, or just a Tibetan thing?

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