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August 17, 2009


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What you write about Ameri-con is true, but what about the countries that purport to be Buddhist? Those governments, by and large, show compassion to neither man nor "beast". We need a great ruler like Ashoka. The left in America shows no compassion either really--what they do they do to create a captive voting bloc forever dependent on them--how do I know? Because they do nothing for the many needy and suffering animals becuase those animals can't vote.

Good insightful article!

Someone told me if you want to live longer, don't see the doctors :).

How ironic it is to have a system that is supposed to help people get better, not making them more sick. One would guess that when big money is the major motivating factor, one can forget about these 'criminals in the white lab coats' having compassion for anyone!


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