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June 22, 2009


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"Ironically, from Bodhidharma's perspective Huike was like a moron who went in search of light using a lighted candle"

Knowing the persian "mind" I highly doubt Bodhidharma (who was persian and not hindu) reviewed the painful search of Huike from this POV. Perhaps we are having a subconscious revelation or glimpse into your "enlightened" self?

Wisdom might be there but certainly not spiritual beauty which only the greatest sages can possess.

There are many great sages in the east. What makes them great is their ability to convey the profound teachings of the Mind and Soul without need to show off or brag or make public jokes of others spiritual short comings, for such acts would only reflect badly upon themselves.

Their language filled with light, never dry, never boring, despite the passing of great spans of time, never ceases to affect the human spirit and remind them on the important nature and essence behind all things.

One such sage with an exquisite language and ability to move an entire world with his spirit was Saadi:

The following poem of his decorates the Hall of the United Nations in New York (which was quoted by President Obama): 

  "Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. 
If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain.

If you have no sympathy for human pain, the name human you cannot retain."

Another goes like this;

Crush not yon ant, who stores the golden grain; 
He lives with pleasure, and will die with pain; 

Learn from him rather to secure the spoil 
Of patient cares and persevering toil

Once asked, “Who did you learn politeness from?” he answered, “From the impolite people, for I simply avoided whatever disgusting manner I saw in them.”

We are all reminded how easy it is to suffer when ones vision is temporary blurred and the truth eludes the self but as a "spiritual" teacher or guide to mock the once lesser able of the past in the name of a good pun or other is just plain evidence of a spirit still in error and far from having removed the subtle & very subtle delusions and influences from that which is not self (eg Mara).

Others might be impressed by your "buddhist" articles flowered with various german, greec and sanskrit abbreviations as to "validate" a mere claim as actual fact to an ignorant reader. I am certainly not.


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