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June 18, 2009


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There are many different kinds of self help modalities and philosophies. Some can be considered skillful means to overcome narcissism even if the starting point is apparently helping the self. In some brands of "personal development" there is the danger of elevating the materialist human to the god or jealous god realm and leaving him there, but I wouldn't discount the possibility of transcendence merely because one has bought a book or workshop promising it.

This young girl was shot by a basij (street thug/ enforcer of the mullahs law) in front of her father and died in his arms with hers fathers screams as the last sound in her short life.

Graphic and terrifying but necessary reminder for anyone whom believes pain and suffering is not to be found in samsara on a daily basis.


My apologies to the author. I do not spam your blog, just adding a peace of the current world.

The blog author might disapprove with this but right now Iran is burning and great suffering is everywhere. Hundreds of young iranians shouting death to the mullahs and death to the dictator died yesterday. Millions are coming out in an unprecedented weeklong march through the streets trying desperatly to change a feudal system that doesnt allow free thought.

Here is the best sources of information. In a way information is a form of compassion so I hope I didnt brake any of your buddhist precepts.



ongoing recorded and live stream from tehran



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