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May 20, 2009


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To me, (S. iii. 189) seems to expound simply that where there exist the Five Aggregates and by extension duality, there is Mara. Subject and Object - The one who kills and the one who is killed. Not the unitive.

namaste and thanks for the interesting blog.


Thanks Vaccha

to BuddhaFrog,
The reference (S. iii, 189) is Samyutta Nikaya, Volume 3, page 189 of the PTS Romanized Pali edition (note:in translations, this page number is usually indicated in-line with brackets like this [189]).
It is the Mara Sutta of the Radha Samyutta in the Khanda Vagga of the Samyutta Nikaya.

Very valuable article!

I think the Theravadin monks and masters who preach 'no-self' (they basically teach people to accept life is suffering, then die, there is nothing else....) purposely left these valuable passages out of the cannon.

These monks are themselves Mara who almost all the time have argued with the pro-self Buddhists who really practice the real Dharma. Too bad, Buddhism accepts anyone who can breath, LOL

Deep down, I think these people feel very uncomfortable with the 'juice'. I know a few Zen masters who confront these Puthujana and cause them great fear to the point that they often run away:).


What is the source (S. iii, 189) in the second quote?

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